The DOWN2EARTH project acknowledges that as a project funded by the European Union with many partners from Europe, we have a particular vantage point on issues of water and food insecurity in the Horn of Africa Drylands (HAD). We recognize how systemic racism, sexism and colonialism are and have been, leaving power concentrated in the hands of a small, northern community of elites. We are constantly self-reflecting on how systemic power and inequality, impact the current political, economic and development contexts of our project. We also recognize strong gender power differences that affect the voice and agency of women and girls in society.

Our project team will work to combat inherent societal racism, sexism, and colonialism within our team, in our interactions with stakeholders, and in the project outputs we generate. We take this responsibility seriously and will continually look to develop and implement anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-colonialist practices in the management and interactions in DOWN2EARTH.