Data on regional climate and its influence on the water cycle and corresponding impacts to human society are critical to adaptation and long-term resilience to climate change. DOWN2EARTH is investigating historical patterns and trends in climate and water fluxes and storage in HAD in the context of landuse and land cover changes and their feedback on the climate and human society. We are also exploring various datasets and model outputs to characterize potential future climatic trends and patterns in HAD. Additionally, we are investing in new data collection networks to fill in major gaps in current understanding of climate and water in HAD.

The work in this area within DOWN2EARTH is led by the Climate/Water Data Team and comprises the following:

  1. Characterizing historical climate, water cycle fluxes, and storage in soil moisture and groundwater
  2. Identifying the key climatic drivers of extreme events
  3. Representing seasonal forecasts within simple models of rainfall and evaporative demand
  4. Simplifying various future climate scenarios to assess their potential impacts
  5. Filling in gaps in existing data networks and engaging local communities in data collection

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An EU Horizon 2020 Project funded under grant agreement No 869550