In order to maximize the success of the DOWN2EARTH project, we have developed a plan for dissemination of project outputs and for the transition and uptake of new knowledge, data, and services to the HAD region. The Dissemination and Communication Team brings together components across all project activities in an integrated form designed to ensure the project has high impact in multiple realms of influence. This includes creation of the plans and schedules for:

  1. dissemination of research, data, and models through academic channels (journals, data portals, model exchange portals, conferences/workshops);
  2. ensuring project legacy through enhanced climate services in HAD (new water scarcity and food security forecasts, decision-support tools, and citizen science engagement);
  3. improved communication about climate adaptation and resilience to end-users;
  4. expanded data collection networks supporting governments, stakeholders, and end-users; and
  5. the development of modern policy frameworks for climate adaptation based on direct input from and interaction with end-user agro-pastoralists supporting policymakers and ultimately end-users.

More info on the outreach effots in DOWN2EARTH can be found here

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An EU Horizon 2020 Project funded under grant agreement No 869550