Amiera Sawas is a feminist researcher and advocate, focussed on the intersections of climate, environment, gender and security. At ActionAid UK Amiera is Senior Research and Policy Specialist; currently focussed on supporting research that centres the voices and needs of the people living on the frontlines of the climate crisis, especially women and girls. Amiera has a PhD in water governance and human rights in Pakistan, and a post-doc that focussed on the implications of the low carbon transition for gender equality and security. She is passionate about multi-disciplinary research - bringing together social sciences, natural sciences and participatory methods so that those on the frontlines of climate change are involved in generating knowledge and solutions. She has worked across Pakistan, Jordan and Kenya. She sits on the board of Climate Outreach and Karachi Urban Lab.

In DOWN2EARTH, Amiera is the Ethics Officer and is also leading the work on engagement with rural communities in HAD within the End-User Engagement Team.