Policy development on water/land management and climate adaptation must reflect both the best available climate and water and land use science, and the socio-political and cultural environment of the target populations. The policies also need to acknowledge the range of feedbacks that arise with policy implementation. Effective policy development should be done in consultation and in co-production with policymakers, to maximize the chances of success, while taking into consideration the existing policy environment. Key task activities in DOWN2EARTH’s Policy Development workflow include:

  1. Building on existing policy environments to design culturally sensitive policy frameworks for water management, food security, and land use based on information generated elsewhere in the project
  2. Exploring viable future climate adaption scenarios with agro-pastoralist communities
  3. Hosting regional and international workshops to present, discuss, and conduct future scenario testing of new policies with appropriate stakeholder focus groups to obtain feedback, co-produce effective policy design, and to get end-user feedback on future socio-economic development scenarios
  4. Improving policy recommendation and disseminate them to relevant regional agencies and organizations

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An EU Horizon 2020 Project funded under grant agreement No 869550