Owen Jones has a chair in Operational Research in the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University. He is on the board of the Water Research Institute and a lead on the theme “Digital Solutions for Water Risk Management”. He received his PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University in 1995.

He is particularly interested in the use of OR in the Environment, Energy and Sustainability, and has previously published on the effects of climate change on rainfall and bushfire in South-Eastern Australia and its implications for water catchment management, on the effects of climate change on extreme rainfall, and on Bayesian data assimilation. Owen’s previous collaborators include Dwr Cymru Welsh Water; the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (planning for the Post Entry Quarantine facility, a national infrastructure project); the Australian Office of Transport Security (improving security procedures in Australian airports); Rate Valuation Services (a financial services company); McLaran International (the racing team); Merlin Power Systems (a feasibility study for an emergency response scheme); and National Air Traffic Systems (responsible for air traffic control in the UK).

On DOWN2EARTH, Owen is a member of the model development team with focus on the rainfall driver.