Student and postdoc work denoted by *.

Academic Peer Review Publications

Singer, M.B., *Asfaw, D., Jones, O., Michaelides, K. (In Preparation); STORM 2.0: A simple decision-support tool for exploring the impacts of climate and climate change at or near the land surface

*Quichimbo, E.A., Singer, M.B., Michaelides, K., Hobley, D., Rosolem, R., Cuthbert, M.O. (In Review); DRYP 1.0: A parsimonious hydrological model of DRYland Partitioning of the water balance, Geoscientific Model Development, Discussion Paper

*Kipkemoi, I., Michaelides, K., Rosolem, R., Singer, M.B. (In Review); Climatic expression of rainfall on soil moisture dynamics in drylands

*Adloff, M., Singer, M.B., MacLeod, D.A., *Michaelides, K., Mehrnegar, N., Hansford, E., Funk, C., Mitchell, D. (In Review); Sustained water storage in East African drylands dominated by seasonal rainfall extremes

Singer, M.B., *Asfaw, D.T., Rosolem, R., Cuthbert, M.O., *Quichimbo, A., Miralles, D.G., MacLeod, D., Michaelides, K. (2021); Hourly potential evapotranspiration at 0.1˚ grid resolution for the global land surface from 1981-present, Scientific Data, 8(224) doi:10.1038/s41597-021-01003-9. pdf

Academic Non-Peer Review Publications

Non-Academic Outputs