Cynthia Asafi Wechabe is a research coordinator for AA on DOWN2EARTH, based in Nairobi and Isiolo. Cynthia is a passionate community development expert who has over 9 years working in ASAL areas. She has worked with indigenous and hunter/gatherer communities in Africa. She has been working closely with women in support of capacity development in women’s rights, nurturing the community growth and the youths in developmental programs such as, governance, leadership and livelihoods. Additionally, she has worked in environmental management and climate change adaptation. Cynthia as contributed to the development of climate change policies, strategies and action plans at local, county, national levels. She has been at the forefront in AA, ensuring that the most marginalized groups are incorporated into all areas of development, especially women and youth. Cynthia is a qualified social scientist expert in community management and development. She holds a bachelor degree in gender and development studies from the University of Nairobi and is working toward a master’s degree in sociology (community development and project management).

On DOWN2EARTH, Cynthia will be coordinating the AA programme in Kenya and acting as a research coordinator for AA for the three HAD countries. She will also be supporting field research on climate change, water, land and food security.